Acquisition of property in Greece by EU nationals

The procedure for acquiring a property is the same as for the Greek citizens.

Acquisition of property in Greece by non-EU nationals

The acquisition is possible but is subject to limitations which are achieved by the granting of a relevant permit granted by the Ministry of National Defense and is submitted to the competent committee of the Decentralized Administration of the respective region. If there is a desire for real estate to be bought in Greece, there are some restrictions that apply to specific regions, such as: the Dodecanese, Thrace, the eastern Aegean and other prefectures of Northern Greece.

Required supporting documents (lawfully certified and translated into the Greek language.):

  • Registration details for the property with the cadastre and a statement for its intended use
  • A photocopy of a valid passport
  • A recent Criminal Record certificate by the competent Ministry of the buyer’s country of origin
  • A Power of attorney under which an attorney at law will be authorized to sign the application in the name and on behalf of the buyer (in case the buyer wishes so for his/her convenience)

Residence permit for EU nationals and non-EU nationals

A 5-year residence permit is provided if there is a 5-year continuous residence period in that country. Then an application is submitted for a permanent residence card without any conditions and it is valid for 10 years with automatic renewal at no cost. In case it cost, the price is the same with the one payed for the issuance of an identity card for the country’s nationals.

Required supporting documents:

  • Registration certificate issued on arrival in the host country
  • Proof of 5-year stay (telephone/electricity bills and tenant agreements)
  • Proof stating: either employment or studies or self-employed occupancy (Income Tax Return statement, bank account statements, tax declarations)

Registration of family members who are not EU nationals in another EU country

During the first 3 months of stay, non-EU family members do not have to take any action for a residence card application. After 3 months they must register themselves with the competent authorities (town hall or local police station) and obtain a residence card valid for 5 years. After having the card, they can use it to travel to other EU countries with the restriction that if they move to another EU country, they will have to apply for another residence card in the new country.

Required supporting documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A Certificate of registration of the existing member as an EU citizen or any other proof of residence in the country
  • A proof of family relationship with the member (marriage or birth certificate)
  • for children and grandchildren, proof that they are under 21 years old or are dependent on an existing member
  • for parents, grandparents, proof that they are dependent on the existing member
  • for other family members, a proof that they are dependent on the existing member or that there are serious health reasons that require their supervision.
  • for unmarried partners, proof of a long-term relationship


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