«How is the ownership of the property secured?»

Ownership in all property is secured through the Land Register where all the notarial deeds can be found and it is shown whether the property has been properly transferred. Each property is archived based on the name of the owners and the lawyer of each owner is entitled to access.

«Can the nationals of EU Member States acquire property in Greece?»

Yes! The procedure for acquiring property is the one followed by the Greek citizens.

«What are the annual expenses for owning a property in Greece?»

The tax that is calculated and levied on each property is called ENFIA [Single Property-Owning Tax] and is distinguished by the sum of a principal and an additional tax. The principal is calculated for residential properties, plots, unfinished buildings and the plots located outside the urban planning zone, while the supplementary one is calculated when the fair value is greater than 200,000 € and there is a full ownership as well as for plots within the urban planning zone. In addition, legal persons are subject to a supplementary tax of 0.55% while for business-related properties the rate raises to + 0.1%.

«If I wish to transfer money from my country, can I do that?»

Money transfer can be made as a standard transaction from a personal account in Greece.


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