«First Steps»

Once you have decided to acquire property please make sure that all your required needs are met in order to take advantage of today's opportunities and ensure the right choice. Such as schools, working conditions, neighborhoods and opportunities.

«Property Insurance »

An important part of buying a property is its insurance. Insurance companies through insurance policies cover all possible damages (such as theft, fire, earthquake) in order to avoid an unforeseen situation. However, it is not mandatory.

«Opening a bank account »

In case there is no account opened in Greece and it is required to open one regardless of whether or not there is a permanent residence, the opening process is easy without time consuming procedures.

Procedure / Required supporting documents :

  • A photocopy of the passport or the identity card
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • Employment and residence address
  • Telephone number
  • A certificate regarding the place of residence issued by the administrative authorities of the region.
  • In addition to the abovementioned details, there are additional supporting documents depending on the bank to be selected.

«Insurance coverage»

Visitors entering Greece either on a visa or as a citizen of another EU country, should have insurance coverage for any medical emergencies. More specifically, citizens belonging to EU member states must have issued a European Health Card (EHIC) or other legal insurance document issued by their competent insurer.

In the case of citizens who do not belong to an EU Member State and are visiting Greece, they should be informed of their insurance coverage, before traveling, by the competent insurer of their country.

«Sale of real estate and maintaining a permanent residence permit for investors»

In cases where citizens of a third county have acquired property in Greece worth at least 250.000 Euros and through it have acquired a permanent residence permit, they have the ability to sell the property and maintain their residence permit as long as they have acquired, before selling this real estate property, another one.


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