Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture and Interior Design

The famous architect and furniture designer Arne Jacobsen used to say that architecture becomes art when it is used in a building. This is also our belief, and it applies to both interior and exterior spaces. For us, architecture and interior design are two sides of the same coin, two elements that complement each other to create an impressive "big picture", a space - residential or commercial - that radiates uniqueness and creates a strong aesthetic impression.

Architecture and interior design are in harmony with the personality and temperament of the owner of each building, a way to express what they stand for and what they dream of. When the home or office is an extension of the people who use it, the space becomes an integral part of life, offering quality and balance. Therefore, even in buildings that are not newly built - houses, offices, apartments, stores - the interior design and those tiny details that make the difference can transform the unfamiliar into something familiar, the impersonal into something personal, the ordinary into a source of inspiration, the simplest moment into luxury.

For the team of Metalaxi, including engineers, architects, artists, decorators, designers and experienced craftsmen, each study, design and supervision project is a unique opportunity for expression and architectural creations, always with the aim of improving life quality.

Our motto «Life is in the details» captures this very philosophy, that great things can be small, that the greatest luxury is simplicity and that small touches make life great. This is the approach we adopt in all our projects and the reason for our success.

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