Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects

In turnkey projects, the contractor is responsible for the design and construction of the project according to the client's needs. All work is carried out in the correct sequence according to the contract documents and the agreed price.

METALAXI is a company with experience in small and large scale projects, with experienced and disciplined technical staff that works according to project schedules and quality specifications.

A turnkey project contract with METALAXI has several advantages for the clients. Architectural, structural, and engineering design, avoiding mistakes, professional advice, excellent quality, time frame, fixed price, the latest technological developments, the added value that the building will have upon construction by Metalaxi Development.

In practice, this translates into carefully designed, detailed and elaborate, reliable and durable structures, regardless of size and difficulty.

Committed to the "big picture" - that we work on a living space and not lifeless materials - our designs support architectural inspiration and highlight aesthetics and creativity.

Whatever we undertake, whether it is a construction or architectural project, renovation, supervision or technical consulting, our striving for perfection down to the smallest detail is always the same. Because, life is in the details.

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