We seek to seriously and consistently collaborate with freelance partners, interior designers, architectural firms and construction companies, always under the best possible conditions, in order to accomplish smaller or larger demanding projects. We therefore wish to cooperate with the architects and interior designers responsible for the projects entrusted to us, since this is an extremely creative process that can produce excellent results.

The practices and methods we follow in projects entirely entrusted to us or in partial contractor agreements, starting from the research preceeding them to the construction itself, provide us with the ability to fully understand every individual construction stage as well as their time and technical compatibility. Τhis advantage, combined with the necessary guidance of the workshops involved, facilitates the flexible and cooperative organization of the overall component and structure arrangement, with excellent results.

We pay particular attention to the finishing touches and the unusual tecniques used for the stability and support of various architectural elements, by “playing” with the rules of geometry, mechanics and optics. Our techniques are constantly adapting and transforming; they are innovative in their development and implementation and appeal to the exploratory eye of an experienced technician.

Our models are often designed and combined with the appropriate accent lighting, which plays a significant role in the nighttime image of the structure, while simultaneously concealing optical techniques and static responses.

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