Shading systems



Shading systems are designed and installed individually at each site, taking into account the operational needs and aesthetic standards of the client.


  1. Horizontal shading systems

    This type of system is installed as a cantilever and can take the form of elongated perforated aluminum flaps, a flat perforated canvas with the desired gradients, arched or curved surfaces or prismatic solid surfaces, depending on the architectural model and usage requirements. 

  2. Vertical shading systems Vertical shading systems display a different use and appearance, depending on the position they are installed. 
    • glazing walls sunshades: They are used in buildings with vertical glass walls, such as offices and hotels, and are placed approximately 70cm (27.5 in) from the facade on a metal mesh grating that functions as a scaffold, complete with traffic lanes for cleaning and maintaining the glazing walls. In this case, the design of the perforated shading panels plays a leading architectural role in the appearance of the facade of the building. 
    • balcony sunshades: They function as internal and external vertical shading, ventilation and decoration curtains. They are mounted on the outer wall of the balcony and offer with all the utilitarian and aesthetic features analyzed in the chapter “balustrades”. 
    • external frame sunshades: Depending on the type of the existing external frames, the shading systems will be: self-propelled on an external guide for sliding shutters when sliding shutters or door panels are available, the old exterior shutters can be replaced with new sliding shutters – sunshades, that will provide safety & partial shading in the case of exterior rollers, fixed sunshade constructed from a perforated panel of aluminum sheet can be installed. we manufacture various types of external blinds – sunshades in a variety of themes and different filtering properties against sun rays, thus ensuring safety and shading, and providing an aesthetic upgrade.
  3. Screen – sunshade system

    The “screen – sunshade” system constitutes a “METALAXI” innovation and can be installed on both hinged and sliding exterior aluminum frames, providing alternative options for protection against insects, lock security and shading in one single multifunctional system.


  1. aluminum curtains

    Aluminum curtains have opened new horizons in the development of decorative solutions for homes, offices and commercial properties. They are mobile overlapping perforated metal canvases, either flat or corrugated, with interesting artistic themes that do not accumulate dust and enable the interior spaces to change by allowing sunlight to pass through the holes and replicate the pattern on the floor. Aluminum curtains can be easily installed on office partitions.

  2. external frame glazing panes

    Although they constitute the subject of a separate chapter, they are mentioned here as another shading solution. The printing technique used for the glazing panes, which results in monochrome perforated designs of the same color as the aluminum frames, displays the concatenated external openings of the facades as a single thematic entity, allowing for the desired amount of sunlight to slip inside. Moreover, it constitutes an economical, permanent and easy shading solution with the help of the calm monochrome pattern designed. The final picture resembles a black and white photograph, where the printing color creates a contrast with the color of the slide.

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