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The construction of furniture for commercial properties is realized by an autonomous creative department consisting of designers and skilled craftsmen – sculptors who create furniture – sculptures for demanding customers. We can work with metal, wood, glass, concrete and, of course, stone, combining them as appropriate. The scetches of each new idea bear the signature of the “guru” of professional furniture design Eva Thalassinou, who now designs exclusively for METALAXI.

The idea production workshop designs and develops a small range of unique furniture for one client only, as well as another second range with limited collectible pieces that we supply to our representatives (one item for each region).

The furniture can either be autonomous pieces or complete furnishings of the assigned spaces, adapted to the requirements and preferences of the clients. In this case, we would require a detailed mapping of the area, an analysis of all architectural parameters and an understanding of the client’s vision in order to present an optimal solution combining both functional and emotional appeal.

We also welcome the opportunity to design and develop all kinds of creative projects in collaboration with other architects, designers and companies.

Thanks to our extended activity in the development of residential and commercial complexes both as researchers and as manufacturers, we have gained combinational experience and have achieved a deep understanding of the functionality, use and goodwill of an area that has been studied and built with no compromises.

Our goal is to create a pleasant working environment that is personalized, challenging, aesthetically appealing, cleverly designed and fun to use.

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