Office partitions made from glass surfaces. Understanding the importance of the work environment and the effect the appearance and functionality of each space can have on both user productivity and a company’s “prestige”, we have invested in a range of products and services whose principal goal is to create welcoming and attractive workplaces..

Glazing panes (glass walls) are usually preferred in the construction of office partitions. We can study and achieve the desired architectural application with the creation of similar motifs – themes on to the glass panes for each area of a building.

The design of the pane is selected depending on our desired style and percentage of optical penetration and optical enticement.

The print color we use is usually the same as the color of the aluminum frame, while the transparent part of the pane acts as a secondary color.

The semi-transparent surface is not a stand-alone item but constitutes part of an integrated solution including the wall, floor, furniture and lighting colors.

The architect of the project provides us with some basic directions and we carry out our designs based on them.

The possibilities and solutions we can offer are suitable for specific projects and it would not be advisable to generalize and include any incompatible proposals.

Our design department responds to every new issue with a cooperative spirit.

Perforated panel partitions. Depending on the style the clients wish to provide their space with, we can create vertical surfaces with perforated aluminum sheets or galvanized metal sheets, complete with numerous design and color options.

It is possible to combine them with other materials using the appropriate mounting techniques, in order to act as under-illuminated artistic canvases, be part of a general composition that incorporates the furniture or the ceiling, and create concealed spaces such as libraries, cabinets, safes, invisible doors leading to adjacent auxiliary spaces.

By playing with volumes, slots, optical illusions, discontinuities and rays of light, we can highlight the philosophical background of the composition, depending, of course, on its usage and concept.

The placement of perforated metal panels as internal curtains inside the glass panes, allows the light to enter through different holes and shapes, thus adding a psychedelic atmosphere to the interior spaces by projecting the bright solar rays on the walls and floors.

The perforated metal sheet can also be incorporated in partitions as a bilateral mask – cover on an illuminated glass or Plexiglas wall.

In any event, we tend to preserve balance and given proportions avoiding excesses and achieving a diffuse artistic atmosphere of elegance, modern design and timeless style.

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