The fence around the surrounding area along with the street gate constitute an integral part of the integrated architectural solution. The geometrical, technical and aesthetic features of the fence depend on the environment, the location of the property, the function of the building, the degree of security required, the desired degree of privacy of the user and other design parameters determined by the developer of the project.

Following initial discussions with the architect or developer regarding the general direction of the project, we proceed to design the appropriate pattern, size and arrangement of holes, the support methods for the structure, its color, the dimensions of the panels, etc.

Depending on the orientation of the main side of the entrance, the night lighting and the background color contrasts, we create the corresponding pattern on an aluminum sheet mounted on small columns or beams made from aluminum sections or galvanized steel with electrostatic coating, following a specific processing method.

The design can be enhanced with laser cuts when appropriate, in conjunction with the existing holes. A variation of the arrangement of single perforated aluminum panels, which can result in partial transmittance, is the construction of solid metal fencing.

This technique is called double layout and can be carried out with aluminum sheets placed in a geometrical square design, perforated only externally, being solid internally and having hidden night lighting installed, which makes the fence look like a dark background display with thousands of light pixels depicting the selected theme.

There are other innovative and elaborate types of fences, which will not be presented publicly, but are definitely recommended for projects prominently displayed, in collaboration with the architects – researchers. The end result is always impressive, uniquely designed, non-recurring and absolutely worth the effort and cost.

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